Cloud Managed Services



CYBONET Managed Services offers a number of different solution modules that can be deployed from the CYBONET cloud, software, virtual machines and/or in a cluster configuration. Solution Modules include standard spam and virus protection which blocks over 99.7% of spam and viruses, and protects both inbound and outbound email traffic. It also provides flexible policy management at the user, group, domain, and system level. Email Archiving provides powerful search and rapid retrieval capabilities. Additionally, it is a compliance ready solution which provides alternative data storage and message archiving. Email Encryption secures outbound email and complies with security regulations. Big Data Transfer enables customers to share large files which can be uploaded to the CYBONET infrastructure and easily shared. As well as being easy to use and a flexible marketing tool, Email Branding also allows customers to brand their outbound emails as well as providing templates for easy configuration.


Deploy one or all of our Solution Modules and just add customers. With CYBONET’s deployment options you have the flexibility to leverage the CYBONET Cloud Service or to deploy CYBONET as a software solution on your own hardware or virtualized machine.

White Label Ready

CYBONET’s Managed Services are White Label ready so that providers can brand their services with their own logos, service name and corporate colors.

Spam and Virus Protection

The PineApp Mail Secure solution blocks unwanted email, protects the integrity of IP addresses and assures email continuity. Leveraging up to two anti-virus engines and over 20 separate
inbound and outbound filters, PineApp Mail Secure protects against the world’s latest threats; defeating zero-hour attacks, blocking malware, and stopping over 99% of spam well before
it reaches your customers' networks.

Email Archiving

The Email Archiving module provides a cost effective, proven answer to customers seeking a basic email archiving solution. The module allows system administrators to achieve a centralized organizational email flow and retention policy management solution that is easy to search, intuitive and available to be enabled by all customers.

Email Encryption

CYBONET Email Encryption safeguards your confidential data and enables you to maintain compliance with regulations requiring the encryption of sensitive data. CYBONET Encryption
delivers unparalleled scalability, eliminates the burden of managing a solution, and empowers a mobile workforce to send and receive encrypted emails from any email client without any upfront investment in additional hardware or software.

Big Data Transfer

A new, easy to use, secure file sharing module that enables authorized email senders to upload very large files to a private folder creating an on-the-fly secured folder that can be shared with
anyone. It also utilizes strong recipient authentication password protected delivery. This service is appropriate for those organizations that rely on regular, large, sensitive file transfers.

Email Branding

The Email Branding module allows a customer to control the look and feel of the organization’s outbound email; presenting a standardized appearance and taking advantage of marketing
opportunities. This CYBONET module provides design templates and embedded objects (for example banners, marketing messages, signatures, etc.) that can be added to all outgoing messages.


  • Flexible Pricing: Based on usage, CYBONET provides affordable monthly, quarterly and annual billing options. Deploy only those modules required
  • Granular Reporting: Advanced and easy to navigate system provides real-time reports. For comprehensive system control from administrators to end users, including Daily Traffic Reports
  • 24/7 Support: All managed service deployments include CYBONET Gold Support
  • Multiple Deployment Options: Managed services can be provided from the CYBONET cloud or software, virtual machines, and/or in a cluster configuration
  • White Label Ready: Fully brandable with partner logo, links and customization of all system generated messages


CYBONET, formerly PineApp, was originally established as an Email Security Solutions Company. Since 2002 CYBONET's internet security and network control products enable SMB/Es and Telcos to comprehensively protect their critical network infrastructure. Whether through the flagship PineApp Mail Secure solution or the next generation of cyber protection solutions, CYBONET is dedicated to security. With a renewed emphasis on our valued Partner community, as well as the development of a platform for Managed Service Providers to more efficiently deliver our solutions, CYBONET is committed to bringing our technologies to all corners of the globe.