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CYBONET products as Software Installation Guide

This Quick Installation Guide is designed to help you get started quickly and easily install cybonet software on your dedicated hardware platform. We strongly recommend reading through these instructions carefully before beginning your installation. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the complete User Manual that accompanies to the installation CD at your disposal. If you want to set up any advanced features, please refer to the User Manual for further help.

Before you start

Before starting software installation, please make sure of the following two important aspects:

a. Please verify that your computer meets minimum installation requirements for the model you choose to install.

b. Log in to http://www2.pineapp.com/products/trial-download.html, in order to register and receive a license installation key. Please keep the license installation key available, as it will be required during the product’s software installation.

Software Installation

1. Power up your hardware device, and adjust your BIOS to boot from CD-ROM.

2. Insert CYBONET’s software’s CD, save your settings and reboot your device.

3. Make sure that your system is connected to a network with internet access, and access to port 443 (HTTPS) is permitted by your organization’s firewall.

4. The following text will appear on the screen:
If you wish to cancel the installation please remove the CD and reboot your appliance. Otherwise, please type “YES” in order to proceed with the installation. At this stage – type YES (all capital) and hit the ENTER button.
You will be asked Do you wish to obtain an IP using DHCP (Y/n)?
If you would like your device to automatically obtain an IP address using DHCP server, type Y (capital letter) and hit the ENTER button and proceed to step 6 below.
If you wish to assign a manual IP address, type n (lower case) and hit the ENTER button. Afterwards, you will be required to configure an IP address for your device manually. Please type in the desired IP address, its corresponding subnet mask & default gateway, and hit the ENTER button in order to proceed with installation.

5. You will be requested to insert your product’s license installation key. Carefully type in the key, and hit the ENTER button.

6. The installation process will start. The system will automatically reboot.

7. Upon reboot, make sure to re-adjust your hardware’s BIOS to boot from its hard-drive.

8. Remove PineApp Mail Secure’s installation CD, save your settings and reboot.

9. The solution will now perform another boot process, after which PineApp Mail Secure system will be installed completely on your device.


CYBONET, formerly PineApp, was originally established as an Email Security Solutions Company. Since 2002 CYBONET 's internet security and network control products enable SMB/E's and Telcos to comprehensively protect their critical network infrastructure. Whether through the flagship PineApp Mail Secure solution or the next generation of Cyber Protection solutions - CYBONET is dedicated to security. With a renewed dedication to our valued Partner community as well as the development of a platform for Managed Service Providers to more efficiently deliver our solutions - CYBONET is committed to bringing our technologies to all corners of the globe. For further details, contact info@cybonet.com.