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CYBONET Solutions on KVM Quick Installation Guide

The following manual provides assistance in installing CYBONET’s product’s Virtual Machine on KVM


Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a hardware-assisted, fully virtualized solution for Linux on x86 hardware that contains virtualization extensions (specifically Intel VT or AMD-V). After you install KVM, you can run multiple guests (virtual machines), with each guest running a different operating system image. Each of these virtual machines has private, virtualized hardware, including a network card, storage, memory, and graphics adapter.


The virt-manager application is a desktop user interface for managing virtual machines through libvirt. It primarily targets KVM VMs, but also manages Xen and LXC (linux containers). It presents a summary view of running domains, their live performance & resource utilization statistics. Wizards enable the creation of new domains, and configuration & adjustment of a domain’s resource allocation & virtual hardware. An embedded VNC and SPICE client viewer presents a full graphical console to the guest domain.


You can find additional information about the processes and tools described in these procedures.

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1. Create a new Virtual machine on the virt-manager

2. Create use iso image, browse and select proper solution image file

3. Please choose appropriate memory and CPU cores for the indented machine,
Visit PineApp website software and virtual machine datasheet for proper sizing .

4. Please choose appropriate disk drive space for the indented machine,
Visit PineApp website software and virtual machine datasheet for proper sizing

5. Verify that "Customize configuration before install" & " set a fixed MAC address are selected

6. Verify Virtual Disk bus is set to IDE

7. Verify network card device mode is set to e1000

For further information and installation procedures for PineApp Mail Secure, please refer to each product’s
corresponding quick installation guide and/or user manual.
For further information and/or questions, please contact CYBONET’s support at Support@cybonet.com, or by phone
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