Customer Case Study Spam no longer an issue for Objective Corporation

Objective Corporation is an established leader and specialist provider of proven content, collaboration and process management solutions for the public sector. Objective has 15 offices across Asia Pacific, Europe and  the United States and with 40.3 million in revenue for FY2009 is considered a market leader. Objective has been featured on the BRW Fast 100 and the Deloitte Technology Fast 50.

“With a large organization such as us, with multiple offices all around the globe, information flow is critical to our every day operations. We cannot afford downtime and interruptions to business”, says Trafford Hirdle, Objective Corporation’s Network Administrator.

“As such, we were very impressed with how easy it was to setup and run PineApp. Within less than one hour the appliance was running and blocking spam without any downtime whatsoever. If we needed anything to be investigated, PineApp offered excellent remote support and was able to connect to the appliance remotely and to help identify and resolve the issue quickly and promptly.

“They also continuously monitor the appliance and locate problems before they impact business which is of very high value to us. Just last year they identified an appliance that’s coming to end of life and promptly brought us a new device. Our users didn’t even know the unit was re-

“I would highly recommend PineApp to all companies short-listing or buying Anti-Spam email protection”, concludes Mr. Hirdle. “This once more shows how easy it is to use and implement PineApp in customer environments”, Says Arie Wolman, PineApp VP Sales. “Objective are a prime example of a large organization that is highly dependent on it’s email and PineApp’s products come to address the needs of those organizations. We are proud to provide Objective Corporation with best of breed solutions”.

About Mail-SeCure 2020
Mail-SeCure 2000 series appliances protect midsize businesses’ networks (up to 150 email users)
from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats. Mail-SeCureTM is equipped with cutting-edge perimeter security engines that focus on stopping the vast majority of threats by looking at the credibility of their sources before they penetrate the customer’s network. PineApp’s perimeter security approach helps save a substantial amount of system resources previously wasted on unnecessary content inspections. Mail-SeCure provides system administrators with the tools to handle both email-borne threats and a variety of email-related administrative tasks.

About PineApp
PineApp is a leading security solution provider for Information Technology. PineApp offers
comprehensive appliance solutions for all-sized organisations and a DRP (Disaster Recovery
Plan) solution. In addition, PineApp’s Managed Service package enables service providers to
offer advanced email management and protection services to customers on remote sites. Founded
in 2002, PineApp is headquartered in Israel, with branch offices in the US, Canada, UK, Spain,
Italy, France, Russia and India and distributors in more than 50 countries.


“PineApp’s solution eliminated spam for us. Highly recommended for anyone looking at Anti-Spam solutions.”
Trafford Hirdle, Network Administrator, Objective Corporation


The Customer:
Global Content, Collaboration and Process Management Vendor ASX listed

The Challenge:
Finding a solution that can be deployed with no interruptions to a global business.

The Solution:
A Mail-SeCure 2020 unit was deployed and prevented spam and viruses from day one. Zero interruptions.