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PineApp Mail Secure Content Filtering Feature Whitepaper

Content filtering

Data leakage has become one of the biggest concerns for many organizations. The ability to prevent sensitive information sent through the organization's Email system and protect users against exposure to obscene language within emails is a challenge CYBONET has taken upon itself to provide in its PineApp Mail Secure systems.

Content filtering refers to the ability of scanning incoming or outgoing mail traffic by keywords. The system is intelligent enough to extract certain words from numerous file types and apply different policies on the inspected email. Various policies can be configured for the whole organization, groups or specific users. Different notifications or forwards can be generated when a policy is breached so the IT manager can maintain firm control on incoming and outgoing traffic, thus preventing and monitoring data leakage.

Content filtering is an essential tool in monitoring, managing and controlling incoming and outgoing mail traffic. This new feature, embedded in the PineApp Mail Secure systems, allows IT managers to detect and manage emails and attachments, based on specific words or group of words.

Content filtering

01 Supports almost 300 file types and over 90 languages.
02 Easy to configure and manage.
03 Scans incoming and outgoing mail.
04 Ability to scan the body and attachment of all mail.
05 Global/group/user policy rules.
06 Allows configuring different thresholds in order to determine sensitivity.
07 Predefined and customized Keywords.
08 Supports Wildcards.
09 Fast, accurate and efficient.

Content filtering

01 Prevents inappropriate language within emails.
02 Leakage prevention – prevents information leakage from within the organization.
03 Manages and controls incoming traffic based on keywords.
04 The module is an add-on to the existing PineApp Mail Secure – No need to purchase a
dedicated appliance.

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