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PineApp Mail Secure Zero-Hour Virus Protection Whitepaper

Challenges in current day Virus protection

Virus distribution has significantly evolved throughout the years. Nowadays virus behavior is completely different than it was few years ago. New age viruses are distributed via Zombies (botnets) in short span (yet aggressive) attacks of 3-7 hours.

The Zero Hour attack exposes a bug that both the developers and users do not know about. They work by infiltrating malware, spyware or allowing unwanted access to user information. There is little protection from the attack because the viruses are so new. A hole in the software exists, which is unknown, meaning that it is easily exploited by the attackers before there is time for the business to fix it. This is because attackers discover a software vulnerability before the software's developer's do.

In the time that it takes to develop protection against the viruses, they are already able to cause significant damage up to thousands of dollars' worth. This is because the attack occurs on the same day as the virus is discovered and it is able to attack before a fix is discovered.

Most major anti-virus brands are developing a signature (immunity) for their clients in approximately ten hours from the new virus's release.

Thus, an unacceptable time-gap is created, during which customer is completely unprotected against new virus outbreaks. By the time the customer is protected from the virus, the previous virus is long gone, whereas a new attack, containing a different variant of the old virus is taking place, and the customer's Anti-Virus is yet again inefficient. User protection in those crucial early hours is the most pressing challenge facing the AV industry nowadays. While large Virus outbreaks peak rapidly, signature-based AV can take hours to provide protection, leaving subscribers vulnerable for long periods of time. CYBONET complements its PineApp Mail Secure solution with a powerful real-time protection from new Viruses.

CYBONET's Zero-Hour Solution is based on RPDTM (Recurrent Pattern Detection) technology. RPD technology identifies Viruses based on their unique distribution patterns, with no need for time-consuming signatures to identify suspected messages.

With the Zero-Hour solution, CYBONET adds a new revenue source while improving customer value.

  • Zero-Hour Delivers Real-Time Virus Outbreak Protection and assists in blocking or delaying suspected messages hours before commercial signatures are available.
  • Zero-Hour shortens the signature-making process, thanks to immediate alerts of new Viruses within minutes of their introduction into the Internet.

Performance and Integration

  • Smallest Footprint: Single object integration
  • Inherent flexibility: Zero-Hour fits into the vast
    majority of network architectures
  • Zero-Hour maintains an amazing procession
    rate of Hundreds of messages per second
  • Zero-Hour requires a very low CPU & memory
    to operate, since most threats are eliminated at
    the preliminary SMTP session phase.

Recurrent Pattern DetectionTM (RPD) – How it Work

PineApp Mail Secure analyzes enormous amounts of real email traffic. By identifying recurrent patterns, it detects massive email outbreaks within minutes of their introduction into the Internet.

Zero-Hour Key Benefits:

  • Best answer available for real-time virus protection
  • Zero-Hour provides the quickest approach to respond to new outbreaks
  • Zero-hour is based on proven RPD technology
  • Fully automated solution, no customer configuration is required.
  • Deterministic solution not heuristic, no guesswork)