PineApp Mail SecureTM



Today’s IT professionals need a comprehensive email security solution to block email-borne attacks while providing the extra features needed to ensure business continuity - at one affordable price. PineApp Mail Secure blocks over 99.7% of spam and viruses
and protects both inbound and outbound email traffic. It provides flexible policy management at the user, group, domain, and system level. The PineApp Mail Secure system is available as a Cloud Service, as SW installed on local hardware, or it can be installed on a virtual platform. Designed to scale, the solution is easy to deploy in a cluster array and provides a menu of easy to add solution modules that include Email Archiving, Email Encryption, Big Data Transfer and


PineApp Mail Secure can be deployed from our Cloud Service, installed on local HW, installed on a virtual platform and/or deployed in a cluster array.

Multi-Layered Virus Protection

PineApp Mail Secure provides complete protection from all known viruses, new age virus outbreaks (zero hour detection), worms and Trojan-horses by using a multi-layered, anti-virus system combined with a traditional anti-virus engine (Kaspersky and/or Avira). All anti-virus layers are updated frequently by external dynamic databases.

Advanced Management

PineApp Mail Secure provides a set of highly sophisticated but flexible management tools, which allow system administrators, postmasters, and end- users to design smart and efficient policy enforcement measures and have complete control over auditing and management.

Perimeter-Based Spam Protection

PineApp Mail Secure is equipped with an advanced, multi-layered anti-spam module, which stops most threats (up to 90%) at the perimeter level; providing better detection rates (less
data is read by the system) and a reduced false positive ratio. Post perimeter protection includes in-depth analysis by different anti-spam content inspection engines.

Integrated Load Balancing

PineApp Mail Secure’s load balancing feature enables the scaling of traffic between two or more PineApp Mail Secure appliances with several distribution methods, thus saving major IT costs.

Sandboxing Module

Through an integration with our technology partner, Check Point, the sandboxing module brings additional, deeper protection by helping to ensure accurate identification of emerging threats that may attack through email; sending files that are potential threats to a cloud-hosted sandbox for deep content analysis.

Solution Modules

Deploy one or all of the PineApp Mail Secure Solution Modules and just add customers. Solution Modules are available as required.