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Version 5.1 05-Sep-2015 Release Notes

Thank you for using this CYBONET product. The below release Notes contain important information regarding this release
of PineApp Mail Secure Version 5.1 revision. We strongly recommend you read this entire document. Please use the
below information provided in any future corresponding with CYBONET sales and support.

Product: PineApp Mail Secure Version

Version: Version: v3.75 (Dec 07, 2013) to v5.1 (Sep 05, 2015)

PineApp Mail Secure protects midsized to enterprise businesses’ networks from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats. PineApp Mail Secure is equipped with cutting-edge perimeter security engines that focus on stopping the vast majority of threats by looking at the credibility of their sources before they penetrate the customer’s network.
CYBONET’s perimeter security approach helps save a substantial amount of system resources previously wasted on unnecessary content inspections. PineApp Mail Secure provides system administrators with the tools to handle both email-borne threats and a variety of email-related administrative tasks.

New features:

  • Dashboard displays real time data about the machine's loads and statistics
  • Journaling Module enables viewing actions made by users and logins to the machine
  • Encryption Module to secure outbound emails and apply policy rules quickly
  • Send passwords via SMS Provider to increase security
  • Email Branding, enables customers to brand their outbound emails - easy to configure
  • Big Email Data, enables customers to share large files securely internally and externally
  • Archiving Module, compliance ready solution for easy to search, message archiving
  • Search option in the Mail Delivery & SMTP Sessions logs
  • Subject display in the Mail Delivery log
  • Adding favorite tabs to a shortcut menu
  • Setting Interface Speed via Networking-> Interfaces
  • Send password through SMS (for Archive and Big Email Data)
  • New Daily Report policy and Send Daily Report to user new features
  • Added rules counter in Mail Policy
  • Adding Logo's to the Mail Secure And Daily report

Technical Guidance

PineApp Mail Secure documentation is now available on the attached disc with the PineApp Mail Secure packing.